The Jpopsuki, for those who do not already know, is a site where you download most Asian content found on the internet via torrent (yes, he is a Tracker). The site is great. You enter, download your file, share, upload your points together not to stay with ratios below 0.00, which may lead to your account being banned. The site also has a version in Portuguese, which was translated perfectly fine with all the rules so that you understand what it is and how the site.

The site is free to register (register in eMule) at any time! Fact that leaves many people confused and many other nerve. But that was the way they found to circumvent the access and involvement of companies responsible for the artists who have their content available for free on the site, making the site a virtual community.

To establish whether site registration, must access the [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] Every single day. Until you see that the record is released.
This can occur anytime. So stay tuned.
You can also access the twitter jpopsuki ([You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]) To stay even more connected when they release access, which is updated whenever open record. But are not depending only on twitter, accessing the site daily to see if they can record.

JPopsuki, an enormously successful torrent tracker for J-Pop music and videos for the past four years, has returned as version 2.0. Considered by many as the best site for J-Pop torrents, JPopsuki recently switched over to Gazelle and has taken off like a bullet. In less than three weeks, registered members tally in at a whopping 16K with nearly 6,000 total torrents already added. Registration is currently still open, but it’s been mentioned by staff that this won’t last forever.

Jpopsuki’s Migration to Gazelle

Since the old site (seen here) had been stagnating – not to mention slow, due to some 4+ years of wear and tear – the Jpopsuki team decided it was best to start afresh with a new server & tracker codebase. Old databases were not migrated to the new location:

  • • Previous members will need to re-register; all old accounts (and stats) were lost.
  • • Torrents from the old tracker were not carried forward to the new site.

JPopsuki – ‘The Japanese What.CD’

J-Pop, in actuality, is an all-encompassing term used to describe any & all popular Japanese music (not just ‘pop’). caters to all genres of modern Japanese music; with some Korean, Thai and Chinese releases also available.

Formats — Making the most out of Gazelle, Jpopsuki offers varying formats for all audio releases, including MP3 (mostly V0 [VBR] & 320 bitrates), including over 750 different FLAC releases – in which lossless music accounts for an impressive 20% of all audio torrents on the site.

Content / Categories — Aside from audio music (albums & singles) making up for nearly three-quarters of the content, Jpopsuki is home to an impressive selection of PVs (Promotional Videos – known as music vids) & DVDs, which total in at more than 1,000 torrents combined.

Stats & Others

  • Online Since: September 09/09 (publicly in version 2)
  • JPopsuki IRC: Onsite through Mibbit, and regular:
  • Total registered members: 16,254 (unlimited max. limit)
  • Total torrents: 5,934 (5,197 active)
  • Freeleech torrents? Yes (131 torrents)
  • Ratio Req: Uses default ‘Gazelle’ requirements, based on DL data increments
  • Signup Extras: All new users receive 2 invites
  • Site Extras: Has a JPopsuki TV feature with more than 2,000 online PVs; bonus points for seeding; request system; fully functional advanced search; very active forums (5,900 posts); artist/album pages as well as similar artist map.

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